Tameside Primary Academy Pupils Graduate As Anti-Bullying Ambassadors  

Pupils at Tameside Primary Academy are helping to take a proactive stand against bullying across the UK after having completed The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Ambassador training programme.  

Available to schools across the UK, this free programme sees qualified trainers teaching and empowering young people to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for their schools.  

Working alongside their teachers, pupils learned about different forms of bullying and scenarios, both face-to face and online. They then worked to develop the skills, resources and support needed to help them actively challenge attitudes towards bullying and support fellow pupils in their school community. 

At the end of their training, pupils worked with their teachers to create an action plan on how they can approach issues of bullying that may arise in their schools, fully committing themselves to their new role as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.  

Mitchell Hill, Principal at Tameside Primary Academy, said: “We’re immensely proud of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and delighted to have been a part of this impactful programme delivered by The Diana Award.  

“At Tameside, we’re dedicated to fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment where every child feels safe, happy and valued, enabling them to thrive and achieve in all that they do. Initiatives like this reinforce the importance of empathy, kindness and understanding, empowering our pupils with lifelong principals of respect and compassion.” 

The programme’s sustainable and strong peer-to-peer focused approach to Anti-Bullying work has gained world-class recognition and reputation, placing the scheme and its ambassador schools at the forefront of positive change across the UK and beyond.   

Founded as a legacy to Diana, Princess of Wales, the charity aims to foster, develop and inspire positive change in the lives of young people through a range of programmes and mentoring, including the youth-led Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Programme.   

The Anti-Bulling Ambassadors Programme has currently trained over 50,000 young people across the UK to lead Anti-Bullying campaigns in their schools.   

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