Pop-Up Pool Brings Swimming Lessons to Tameside Primary Academy

Tameside Primary Academy, in Wednesbury, has participated in a programme aimed at addressing the concerns of low swimming competency among primary school children.

In collaboration with Active Black Country and Swim:ED, the school has embraced a pioneering approach of bringing swimming lessons to schools, ensuring every child has access to vital swimming skills and water-safety awareness.

The Academy welcomed a fully functional and heated temporary swimming pool within a marquee, onto its grounds. These pop-up pools, spanning 10 metres, are a significant stride forward towards bridging the gap in accessibility to swimming education.

This follows statistics from Sports England, revealing that nearly one in four children in the UK leave primary school without basic swimming skills and are unable to swim 25 meters.

At Tameside Primary Academy, this facility has provided pupils in years three, four and six with access to an intensive course of learn-to-swim lessons, led by qualified lifeguards and swimming coaches.

Mitchell Hill, Principal at Tameside Primary Academy, said: “We firmly believe that every child deserves the very best learning experiences, including access to opportunities as essential as learning how to swim and being confident in the water.

“The impact of this programme extends far beyond the pool, helping to instil confidence in many of our young learners and promote the benefits of physical wellbeing for our pupils and wider school community.”

The temporary pool will remain for an additional month before concluding its three-month period at the school.

As Tameside Primary Academy reflects on the success of this initiative in its final month, the school’s dedication to delivering comprehensive and enriching educational experiences for its students remains constant.

Building on its track record, the Academy, which received a rating of good with outstanding features from Ofsted in 2023, continues to prioritise delivering a high-quality education for all children.

Ofsted’s praise for the Academy’s ‘unwavering determination’ echoes its commitment to ensuring that every pupil develops the knowledge and skills essential for success. This extends to the school’s diverse range of extracurricular opportunities, which have been highlighted for their enriching impact on pupils’ overall development.

Emphasising a ‘rich range’ of extracurricular offerings, including outdoor and adventurous activities, Tameside Primary Academy goes beyond traditional academics to develop well-rounded individuals prepared for life beyond school.