Principal’s Blog – September 2019


Welcome to my first blog as Principal of Tameside Primary Academy. As I write this, I cannot feel anything but immense pride in being appointed into this role. Over the coming years you can expect nothing but my very best as I intend to lead the school so that we can all be proud of everything we do. With over 16 years of educational experience, it has always been an ambition of mine to lead and manage a school in Sandwell and, in particular, Wednesbury. With Tameside Primary Academy, I could not think of a better school in the world to be at.

The children of Tameside deserve the best and it is my job to ensure that they get that in every way possible. It is my job to make sure that we provide an education that prepares our next generation for the future so that they can thrive. As an ex-pupil of Tameside (Yes, many years ago!), I know that our school can provide the basis for the next generation, our future, to succeed. I was taught key values, morals and ethics that gave me the tools to achieve. This is what I want for the children of our school. Through having high expectations, I know that we can harness the potential we have to achieve bright futures for everyone associated with us. I have high aspirations for us which I know the parents, children and community share too.

Everything that we do at Tameside Primary Academy will have one purpose – to improve the outcomes for children. I am determined to provide this because this is what the children deserve. I envisage Tameside being a hub of excellence, where children learn and where families feel part of a collaborative school community so that we can all push forward in achieving our common goal – better outcomes for our children. Together, in partnership, we can achieve so much. That is why I value the thoughts, views and comments of our families in making school a wonderful place to be.

From early on in my career I learnt that the only constant in education was change. Over the coming months, there will be changes at Tameside as we continually strive to be the best. My staff and I are committed to embracing change so that experiences provided for the children and families are positive and reinstate Tameside to the great school I remember it being. This will ensure that our children excel in their learning and are excited to come to school.

Partnerships are of paramount importance to any school, but none are more important than our relationship with Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust. I look forward in building on and continuing the great work that the Trust has started so we can shape the school together in it being the best that it can be. I look forward to meeting you very soon as we move forward on this exciting journey together.

Mr M Hill,

Principal of Tameside Primary Academy